Digital Resources

Welcome to the Digital Resources page for Cook Middle School.  Here you will find an indexed collection of digital resources that parents and students can access at any time.  These resources may include links to other websites, video tutorials, or resources that can be accessed and printed from this page.  

We hope to provide comprehensive materials that will support your learning and enhance your experience here at Cook Middle School.  Please feel free to contact any of your teachers or administration with any questions you may have.

Week 1

How to Access Important Information and Resources

Locating Important Resources
How to Access Google Classroom

Week 2 

CMS Literacy Resources

The Importance of Literacy
USA Test Prep- Increasing Student Growth
Literacy without Technology
literacy without technology
Use Study Island to Target Literacy
Exact Path- The Learning Path
Other Online Literacy Resources

You can find more online resources for literacy practice by using the following link.  You will be able to access free online tools to help with reading and writing. 

literacy resources

Week 3

CMS Mathematics Resources

Let's Explore Math, CMS
8th Grade Standards to Target
USA Test Prep- Targeting Math Skills
Exact Path Overview
Practice Mathematics without Technology
6th Grade Standards to Target
IXL, Targeting Math Skills
Study Island- Targeting Math Skills
Other Online Mathematics Resources
more math resources

Week 4

CMS Literacy Resources

Reading Without Technology
Making Connections Strategy - Overview
Chunking Strategy - Overview
Thelma the Unicorn - Read Aloud and Activities

Week 5

CMS Mathematics Resources

Math Using a Deck of Cards
Reading a Tape Measure - Math at Home
Baking with the McDaniels - Using Math at Home