Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the following questions to help find information about Cook Middle School.  As always, please feel free to contact us directly, but these questions and answers may be helpful.

General information about procedures at CMS


What is the school’s phone number and fax number? 

Phone number 229-549-5999 FAX 229-549-5986


What time does CMS begin and end daily? 

School starts at 8:00 and ends at 3:00.


When is a student considered tardy at CMS? 

Students must be in their first class by 8:00 in order to not be counted tardy.


What time does CMS open for dropping off students in the morning? 

The doors by the gym are opened at 7:00 for students that are dropped off early.


Where do parents drop off students in the morning and pick up students in the afternoon? 

The drop off and pickup area is the same - at the south end of the school by the gym.


If a student is tardy, where do they need to be dropped off? 

Tardy students need to be dropped off at the main office entrance in order to receive a pass to class.  


What are the procedures for a student to receive mediation at CMS? 

All medicine should be turned into the nurse in the clinic.  

Can a student carry a bookbag and/or a fanny pack? 

Students are allowed to carry bookbags but students are not to carry them into the restrooms.  Fanny packs are not allowed at CMS. 


What is the cost for breakfast and lunch? 

Both breakfast and lunch are free at CMS


Where is a lost and found at CMS? 

There is not an official Lost and Found area at CMS.  Students need to ask their teachers then ask at the front office if their item is not located.  


Information about Grades and Parent Meetings


How do I make an appointment to meet with my child’s teachers? 

Call the school (229-549-5999) and request a meeting with your child’s teachers.  


Who do I contact about bus issues? 

You are to call CMS first then if someone from the bus shop needs to be called, you will be referred accordingly.


How often will I receive my child’s grades? 

Students receive a report card every 8 - 9 weeks and a progress report halfway through each quarter.


Are there any high school classes offered at CMS for credit? 

High school classes are offered in the eighth grade in the areas of Algebra, 9th Literature, HONORS Physical Science and Art.  Students are selected based on the GMAS scores, GPA, and teacher recommendation.  


Sports and Extracurricular activities 


What sports and activities are offered at CMS? 

The student handbook and the school webpage have a list of all sports and activities provided at CMS.


What are the requirements to participate in school sports? 

In order to try out for a sport, the student must have a current physical form, proof of insurance, and parental signature on concussions.


Who monitors school dances and gym parties at CMS? 

Faculty and staff at CMS monitor all dances and gym parties.  


What is the specification for a student to attend the 8th grade dance? 

Only current eighth graders at CMS are allowed to attend this dance. There is no cost to students but there is a dress code.